By definition, innovation projects lead any organization into at least somewhat unchartered territory. If they are truly innovative, they never just represent “more of the same”. This makes these projects extremely interesting to work on, but it also makes them very challenging. Surprises occur regularly; they are not exceptions. Organizations need to dynamically deal with the challenges that come up. In some situations, additional support is necessary to avoid delays and to mitigate project risks.

Project Support

Unexpected situations during an innovation project often require interventions beyond the “regular” project execution. Your current team may need additional support and potentially a different piece of expertise. A team that is intimately familiar with all details of the project and lives with it already for a long time may sometimes overlook a risk or an opportunity.

I can provide flexible assistance to your project team, helping to solve issues in a creative way and looking at the project from a different perspective.

Interim Management

One of the most challenging situations for any innovation project can occur if a key person in the organization, e.g. the project manager or a relevant department head is no longer available. Even a temporary gap within your project team can derail a project.

In such situations, I can jump in and help to avoid that the gap becomes a problem, ensuring that your project team continues to be functional and motivated.